Behold The Power

I am the girl you will notice when you notice someone other than yourself.

I always vote. It’s hard because it’s so dreary in those places. People dress badly. It’s decorated badly. Try to pick up people when you vote. I tell college kids that when I’m lecturing. I say, ‘Dress provocatively.’ Cruise. Touch yourself as you pull the lever. Do things to make it more interesting. How else are we going to get young people to vote? They think it’s dull.

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Touch yourself, even though there’s no more levers. Scantron, y’all!

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My Life Is In Wonderland

So, I figured how my life is like something in Wonderland:

I am Alice.

Mad Hatter is chasing me but I do not know he wants me.

I keep chasing the White Rabbit who runs even farther and acts like I’m not important for him.

The Cheshire will appear soon. (But puts a grin on my face.)

The Queen keeps telling me what to do without thinking of what I want.

No, the Queen is not my mother. LOL